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Our honor

The honor is the past record and encourage for us to seek for better and higher

Time is fleeting. Over ten years passed by since the founding of YUHUA, it has been growing up. New century brings us more thoughts. And every challenge in this new era will be gestating more and more wonderful stories. And they are also tests for our thinking, wisdom and acuity. We put all our energy in this industry since we chose it more than ten years ago. So far, we have not loosened the highly strict demands for ourselves.
Because of the high standards on product quality and technical services, YUHUA has owned many honors one by one. But we never satisfied with this little progress. We firmly believe that YUHUA can not develop without help of our friends from various industries and areas. We will improve ceaselessly scientific management and try our best to achieve great strides in technology innovation. Regarding YUHUA as a large stage to realize our wishes of dedication to the nation and life value, we would like to combine our friends to inaugurate a new era with one heart!






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