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Cold-rolled steel strips  PRODUCTS


    Cold-rolled steel strips are shaped and thin steel plates that rolling in normal temperature, it makes rapid develop-ment for its high preci-sion、prefect performance、more variety、widely use. It can satisfy user's demands in wider area, through cooperate with definite cold-rolled shaped degree and heat treatment after cold-rolled.
  These products are suitable for metal punching、thin-wall welded tubes, and use in fan、air conditioners、House-hold electrical appliances、build
ing materials industries etc.

Product's characteristic
Raw materials adopt excellent hot rolling plates, vertical cutting strips to open material, high use rate.
Steel strips’ surface is through pickling eliminating rust、passivation、washing, the steel surface is clean.
Roll in succession at a high speed, roll and press amount lightly, the cold work hardening degree is low; Rolling thickness automatically control, thickness range control according to customer's demand in 0.3-3mm; The belted steelsurface is smooth, level; Roll belted steel after precise to cut, guarantee belted steel measurement fulfils requirements;
After belted steel rolled according to craft demand dark to anneal or bright to anneal, improve steel’s mechanical performance, it even can meet the request for pressing shaping for the steel products.
Bright to anneal belted steel after process level, it has more bright surfaces further, and make top-grade hardware.

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